A high quality, easy to use mountable well monitoring device.

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Well Watch 1100

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Well Watch 1100 Installed

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The Well Watch 1100 is a simple to use self-contained semi-permanent acoustic ranging instrument designed specifically to find the distance through a pipe or bore hole to an obstruction which could be the surface of water in the hole or the dry bottom.

The product consists of a control unit and a probe. The control unit contains the driver electronics, processor, display, and keypad. Internal non-volatile memory is included to record system settings, calibration data, and log up to 14,976 data points. A real-time clock/calendar is also included to time stamp the recorded log data. The RS232 port can be set to output data to a remote device or used as a bidirectional communications interface to a computer for remote programming or data download. A power jack allows the unit to be run from an optional AC adapter or battery pack.

The probe contains a speaker, a microphone and temperature sensor in the probe tip. The probe is designed to easily attach to a standard well cap vent opening while also allowing the display unit to be operated in a convenient location up to 6 feet away.

The Well Watch transmits an acoustic pulse into the pipe, then measures the time to the returned echo. The distance is calculated as the product of the sound speed and the time. Since the sound speed has a large temperature dependence, a temperature sensor is included in the probe to adjust for variations.