Well Watch 660

Water Well Management in Real Time using SonicSense Technology.


Remote monitoring has never been easier than using the Well Watch 670!

Integrating a water level indicator into your existing Telemetry/SCADA system has never been easier. The Well Watch 670 utilizes low frequency sound waves to provide continuosly updated, accurate levels from on top of the well. They can travel around 90 degree corners or coils of pipe allowing the freedom to install the Well Watch 670 at the most convenient location for that site.

The Well Watch eliminates the need to lower anything into the well, such as intrusive water tapes, bubblers or transducers. These methods open your well to contamination issues and tend to get stuck in the pump wiring resulting in an expensive, time consuming fix. Each Well Watch can measure from 10 to 4000ft, no need for customized lengths.

Why sonic over submersible?

The Well Watch 670 was designed for seemless Telemetry connectivety through RS485 (Modbus), 4-20mA, RS232 or 0-5V outputs. It also has a built in data logger capable of storing 25 million time/date stamped log points, which is great for use on its own or as a back up in case of a system failure. Each unit can operate on AC/DC power or optional 5W, 10W or 30W solar panel kits for off grid or power sensitive applications.

Where does it work and how do I install it?

Click below to view more information on how to install the Well Watch and Well Sounder units on various well configurations. These and the FAQs address the most common questions and potentially problematic well configurations, such as exposed perforations or loud top mounted pumps.



Well Watch 660 kit Solar kit

Check out some of the accessories available for the Well Watch such as the new solar power kit, perfect for remote installations.

"I have run 20 units with one minute logging intervals non-stop during this time with virtually no maintenance. Doing this I have been able to assemble the most complete data set on this particular aquifer to date. The data is as accurate as a pressure transducer but just a tiny fraction of the cost. There is no pulling the well and inserting equipment. All that is required in a hole in the well seal and a power source. I have also used the RS 232 port with success and connected it with our telemetry system. I could not be more satisfied with the quantity and quality of the data that I have been able to obtain. However the icing on the cake is I did it for a few thousand dollars, not a few hundred thousand dollars. For a serious aquifer study this is a must have."

written by Jarrod Reynolds, ME, PE

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