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Well Watch 660

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Well Watch 660

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Well Watch 660

Why do residential well owners choose the Well Watch 660 water level indicator?

The ability to always know where your water levels are.

Understanding your well water levels has never been more important than it is today. Whether you live in an area affected by record breaking drought, fracking or you are concerned about over use in your community. These units can give you piece of mind by providing you with the ability to monitor current, real time levels or trends in usage and level patterns. These units are the perfect accessory for your home or multi-family water well system.

Affordable options to fit in any budget.

Until now the only methods of monitoring water levels in your well were intrusive water tapes, bubblers or transducers. These methods open your well to contamination issues and tend to get stuck in the pump wiring resulting in an expensive, time consuming fix. The Well Watch 660 monitoring systems are sonic, using sound waves to non invasively measure water levels. This makes monitoring your well quick, safe and inexpensive. Each Well Watch unit costs less than half of traditional meters and can provide more than just a snap shot of your well.

Easy installation.

Each Well Watch unit comes with 3 MPT threaded nozzles, 1/2", 3/4" and 1" in diameter. Simply choose the nozzle which fits into the vent hole on your well seal or sounding tube and screw the Well Watch tightly into place. Attachments can be used to angle the units for tight fitting spaces since the Well Watch does not need to be vertical to get a reading. Each Well Watch meter requires external AC or DC power but for power saving or off grid applications we offer 5W, 10W or 30W Solar Panels.

Monitor from the comfort of home.

There is also an optional 310 Remote Display that can be wirelessly mounted in your home. This gives you easy accessibility to view real time water levels, control the Well Watch's settings or log data to provide a long term picture or your well's health. The 310 Remote Display has an alarm feature used to alert you to low water levels, helping to prevent overuse and/or costly damage to the pump.

Where does it work and how do I install it.

Click below to view more information on how to install the Well Watch and Well Sounder units on various well configurations. These and the FAQs address the most common questions and potentially problematic well configurations, such as exposed perforations or loud top mounted pumps.



Well Watch 660 kit Solar kit

Check out some of the accessories available for the Well Watch such as the new solar power kit, perfect for remote installations.

"I've now been collecting data continuously, every 5 minutes, since July 21. The data is saved as a text file and I use Excel to graph it. Looking at the graph, one can see that my well pump switches on about every two or three days to top off my reservoir tank. The pump quickly pumps down the column of water and will cycle on/off until the tank is full (thus my pump can out-pace the water recharge rate in my well). Closer analysis of the data shows me how long the pump cycles before the reservoir is full, how long it takes the water column above the pump to recover, and what the trend is over time (i.e. is the average height of water above my pump stable or decreasing? Is it taking longer pumping cycles to top of reservoir tank?). This is extremely useful data and going forward, the data will show me seasonal trends and how the well health is impacted by the drought. I regret that I didn't start collecting data years ago, before our current drought."

written by Michael Rowe, October 2014 issue of Skylines (South Skyline Association)

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