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It is becoming necessary for well owners to monitor their water level to ensure that there will be enough water for the necessities as well as preventing costly pump repairs due to a well running dry. Eno Scientific understands this better than anyone since our products were developed for personal use as a result of the extreme drought in our area.

  • How much water do I have?
  • How far does it draw down when I take a shower, water the grass or run 4 loads of laundry?
  • How are neighboring properties affecting my well supply?

Understanding the trends and changes in your water levels will allow you to adjust your usage. Ensuring there will be water when it is most needed. Our system can alert you about water loss due to a broken pipe or remind you about that hose that was left running.


  • SonicSense Technology TM
  • Nothing Lowers into the Well
  • No Contamination due to product sits on top of your well
  • Easy to set up
  • Accurate readings in seconds
  • Optional Alarm system to warn when well reaches dangerous levels
  • Wireless Remote Display to monitor from the comfort of your home
  • Monitors well levels from every second to once per hour
  • Store up to 25 million time/date stamped log points
  • Download to your computer and graph the results
  • Can monitor from any angle and around corners in well casing
  • Low Cost and Ease of Use
  • Free Technical Phone Support for Well Watch


The Well Watch 660 is a semi-permanent water level indicator that mounts at your well site to provide a constant display of water depths for that well. There are a few options in this series that allow you to choose the meter that works best for your needs and your budget. You can monitor the levels on the built in display screen, wirelessly or hardwire with our 310 Remote Display. Learn More.

The Well Sounder 2010 PRO is a portable unit which would give you the freedom to monitor more than one well. If all you need is a random reading to check the level when the rain has been sparse or to know if you are over tapping a particular well site then this is the unit for you. It comes complete with the carrying case for easy transportation. After placing the probe in the vent cap on your well you will have a depth reading in seconds. With this unit there is no excuse to run out of water and there is no need to hire a water professional to give you information that you can get yourself in no time. Learn More.

Look at all of the features of both of these units and if you have any other questions to know if these units will work for you, feel free to contact our knowledgable sales team.

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