Environmental Monitoring

Today there is a new much faster, easier non-contact way to measure and record the ground water levels.

Groundwater level monitoring has become increasingly important with growing areas of drought and the need to manage water supply demands from agricultural, industrial, environmental and domestic users. Traditional methods of water level measurement include water level tapes, level loggers, bubblers and pressure sensors. All of which require that an object and a line be lowered into the well. This opens the well up to possible contamination, places the liability on the parties monitoring the well and causes homeowners to be resistant to allowing monitoring of their wells.

With the acoustic meters there is nothing to lower into the well. The probe is simply placed in the vent cap or on top of the piezometer tube and uses low frequency sound waves to measure the distance to the water level. Our meters are small enough to fit in your pocket and produce measurements down to 2000 ft in seconds, without the labor intensive process of reeling a tape down, up and decontaminating it. They are also cost effective alternatives to tapes which can be expensive to purchase and repair.

Our water level indicators come in two configurations. The first is a semi-permanent model which is designed to be mounted at a particular well for continuous data and supervision. These easy to install units come in two configurations. The Well Watch 660 is designed to measure and display the well water depth locally on its LCD display screen. The Well Watch 670 includes all of the features of the 660 and in addition also includes an internal data logger, capable of storing up to 25 million time/date stamped data points, and the ability to communicate with external data collection or telemetry and control systems. Learn More.

The second is a portable unit, the Well Sounder 2010 PRO, designed to capture data from multiple wells. This model has the ability to store each test in a separate file labeled for each well test. This allows for data to be compiled over an extended period of time, showing water level trends and weaknesses. The built-in data logger easily downloads with the included USB cable and does not require any special software. This data can then be graphed to visually display the monitoring results. Learn More.

Imagine having the ability to measure and record each standpipe's measurements in a matter of seconds with a non-contact instrument. The accuracy is great and the time savings for the operator is huge. For more information and specifications on the Well Watch 600 Series or the Well Sounder 2010 PRO please read through the product pages or contact our knowledgable sales staff.

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"I have used the well sounder 2010 model for more than two years now. I have run 20 units with one minute logging intervals non-stop during this time with virtually no maintenance. Doing this I have been able to assemble the most complete data set on this particular aquifer to date. The data is as accurate as a pressure transducer but just a tiny fraction of the cost. There is no pulling the well and inserting equipment. All that is required in a hole in the well seal and a power source. I have also used the RS 232 port with success and connected it with our telemetry system. I could not be more satisfied with the quantity and quality of the data that I have been able to obtain. However the icing on the cake is I did it for a few thousand dollars, not a few hundred thousand dollars. For a serious aquifer study this is a must have." Jarrod Reynolds, ME, PE